• Students who wish to enroll in the ALC:

    should contact their high school counselor or call and set up an appointment to meet with ALC staff to determine an appropriate and meaningful learning plan.

    In order to enroll:

    a student must have verification from their district that they qualify in at least one of the areas required by the state.

    The ALC is available to students who:

    • perform substantially below performance level,
    • or are at least one year behind in grade level
    • or course work toward graduation,
    • or are pregnant or a parent,
    • or are assessed as chemically dependent,
    • or have been victims of physical or sexual abuse,
    • or have experienced mental health problems,
    • or have experienced homelessness any time within the past six months,
    • or have limited English proficiency
    • or speak English as a second language,
    • or have been excluded or expelled from high school,
    • or have been referred by a school district for enrollment in an eligible nontraditional program,
    • or have a two-year gap since failing a course,
    • or are seniors who are short credit(s) for graduation