Procedures for Reducing Peanut/Nut Exposure in School

  • It is the intent of Dassel-Cokato Schools to provide our students with a safe learning environment. It is for this reason that we have developed the following procedures to reduce exposure to peanut/nut allergens:
    • The School Nurse will collaborate with parents and health care providers to develop an Emergency Health Plan for any student who has a serious food allergy. The Emergency Health Plan will be distributed to staff members who work with the student (classroom teacher, bus driver, nutrition services staff, etc)
    • The School Nurse will provide education about the allergy, including how to recognize a serious reaction, to the classroom teacher and other staff members. If the student has an EpiPen, staff will be trained on proper use.
    • A ‘Peanut Packet’ will be provided to teachers of students with peanut/nut allergies. This packet includes a letter to parents of all children in the classroom, notifying them about the allergy and requesting only peanut-free snacks to be sent to school. A ‘No Peanuts Please’ reminder sign will be hung outside the classroom door.
    • Peanut butter has been eliminated from the lunch menu in the Elementary Schools.
    • A ‘Peanut Free’ table will be available in the lunchroom at parents’ request.

    Each student’s food allergy is different. The School Nurse will work with parents/guardians and school staff to establish an individualized plan that reduces the risk of exposure to allergens at school.