Questions and Answers

  • When can my student(s) pick up their laptop?
    • Device distribution dates and times can be found here.
    What do we need to pick up the device?
    • You'll need your Student Computer Use Agreement initialed, signed, and dated by both the parents/guardians and the student.
    • You'll need to have the district supplied device covered against accidental damage.  You can use the district Protection Plan or self-insure the device.
    What will be the fastest way for me to pick up my device?
    • Pay the $35 Protection Plan fee online here, click on FEES under the left menu bar.
    • Print the Student Computer Use Agreement
    • Initial and sign page 3, and bring it in with you.
    How can I pay the $35 for the school Protection Plan?
    • Families can pay the $35 through their portal account online.
    • Families can also pay with cash or a check when they pick up their device during Open House.
    Can you explain the insurance options more?
    • The district offers a Protection Plan that covers the device against accidental damage for $35.  This Plan covers the district supplied device for a single school year only.  The terms of what is covered, what is not, and possible out-of-pocket expenses are described in the Student Computer Use Agreement.
    • You can also choose to find insurance on your own, or choose to not cover the device with any insurance at all.  In this case, any accidental damage that happens to the device will be the family’s financial responsibility.  All repairs to the district supplied devices are required to be done by the district, to ensure they are done properly and correct parts are used.
    • No insurance coverage will cover negligent or intentional damage!  Students and families will be responsible to repair or replace the device in these instances.  This also applies to students who keep the device at school.  School administrators will review these instances to determine possible coverage.
    What if we want to leave the device at school?
    • Families can choose to leave the district supplied device at school, where the student can pick it up in the morning and return it at the end of the school day
    • Availability of the device before and after school will be limited to staffing in HS Room 314.
    • Families cannot move between taking the device home and storing it at school.  If you select to not take the device home, it needs to be stored at school every night.
    • If a family decides they would like to have their student take the device home after initially deciding to keep it at school, the family would just need to provide insurance (either through the school or being self-insured). Once the insurance is paid and the form is signed, the student can start taking it home nightly.
    Do I need to come in if I am choosing to leave the device at school?
    • You can bring in your signed forms, which will be needed before the student can use the device at school.
    • This will ensure your student has access to the device at the start of the school year.
    What do students get with the 1:1 take-home program?
    • Students will receive either a laptop computer or a Chromebook
    • Students will receive an A/C Adaptor
    • Students will be offered a protective, neoprene case
      • They may also choose to use their own case
    What are the basic expectations for the students?
    • Take care of your device!
    • Have your device at school, every day.  Teachers will be relying on each student to have access to their devices on a daily basis.
    • Fully charge your device at night so it’s at 100% at the start of the school day. 
    • Report any issues or damage to your device to the school promptly.  
    Is there a “back-up plan” for students?
    • We understand a student may occasionally forget their device at home, or not charge it completely before coming to school.
    • A LIMITED amount of daily “loaner” devices, along with charged batteries, will be available for checkout in the Media Center.  There is not a guarantee that a battery or loaner will be available.
    • Charging stations will be available in the Media Center and in the gym during Physical Education classes.  However, students cannot leave devices unattended.  You likely will not be able to get a full day’s charge out of these options.  These spots are also limited in how many devices they can charge at once.