School Year 2020-2021

  • Leadership Academy

    Posted by Abbey Lang on 5/17/2021

    desire to lead


    car wash

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  • Class of 2021 Students of Excellence

    Posted by Abbey Lang on 4/29/2021

    Congratulations to our four Students of Excellence for the Class of 2021!


    Watch the Students of Excellence virtual recognition event:
    YouTube Live: https://youtu.be/d4Pji8sjvug

    Local radio station KDUZ/ KARP/ KGLB interviewed Sigrid Olsen and Grace Engh about being chosen as Students of Excellence.  Click their pictures to listen to a clip of their interviews.

    Sigrid  Grace

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  • Into the Woods....a DCHS Spring Musical Production!

    Posted by Abbey Lang on 4/16/2021

    BAILEY GATZ - Cinderella


    What is it about this character that you enjoy performing?
    She's a very realistic version of what Cinderella might be. She isn't perfect, and she struggles with knowing exactly what she wants.  Her character arc is pretty strong, and she ends up growing from her experiences and learns to fight for her own happiness. 
    What do you like most about the production and why?
    The community and family we all build together. We take care of one another and we'll always be there for one another. It's a difficult thing to put on such an intense show in just about a month, but we support each other and band together to end up creating something really special.

    ISAAC SOMBKE - Cinderella's Prince


    What is it about this character that you enjoy performing?
    How I can picture and act exactly the way I would imagine him being, especially in the Broadway version of him which I really like.
    What do you like most about the production and why?
     That this is the production that influenced so many others in theater history, and that the fact that we get to be a part of that history together is really amazing. Also no matter what part you play you will always have someone that will tell you what their favorite parts are that you were a part of.

    JUBAL NELSON - Baker

    Jubal Nelson

     What is it about the character that you enjoy performing?
     I enjoy how challenging the Baker is to play. I find myself thinking  " How do I say that?" to many of his lines. Additionally, the Baker shows nearly every emotion over the course of the show.
     What do you like most about the production and why?
     Finding every point of humor and every little lesson and nuance hidden within the show.
    eli  What is it about the character that you enjoy performing?
     I enjoy performing as Jack because he is an interesting character overall.  I get to interact with many characters, I even get to sing a few solo songs.
     What do you like most about the production and why?
     I love how this production takes completely different fairytale stories and merges them all together because it makes for an intriguing plot. I also love the music in this production,  because it's really catchy. I'll have the songs stuck in my head for months to come.
    jessica  What is it about the character that you enjoy performing?
     I enjoy being the villainous character that the witch portrays as well as the nicer side of her being a caring mother.
     What do you like most about the production and why?
     I love the music in the show, especially the challenge of it all and just how great the entire cast is doing with it.
    ELLEN AHO - Baker's Wife
    ellen  What is it about the character that you enjoy performing?
     I love how she has so much development throughout the show. She has a tough side, which is a type of role I personally have never been before, but then we see a motherly side which is something I am familiar with, so the changes she undergoes proves a  challenge that is a lot of fun.
     What do you like most about the production and why?
     The reality of several characters because we often don't think of our fairy tale characters as greedy or vain unless they are the villain. This show brings out the human side of our characters.
    LAUREN DENSMORE - Little Red Riding Hood
     What is it about the character that you enjoy performing?
     I really love portraying a character who goes through so much development in the story. Little Red is young, spoiled, and sassy, but also fearless and smart. Her journey in the woods changes her,  making her so fun to play.
     What do you like most about the production and why?
     I grew up watching the show Into the Woods a lot, so it's just very fun in general seeing it all come together.  Some of my favorite moments in the show are the songs "Agony", "Your Fault", and the big finale group dance numbers. Working with the whole cast has been a blast.
    GEORGE SMITH - Narrator and Mysterious Man
     What is it about this character that you enjoy performing?
     I enjoy how distinct I can make different characters I play and how many comedic lines I have.
     What do you like most about the production and why?
     I like the variety of themes and emotions and the score is fantastic.
    ANNIKA SODERLUND - Jack's Mother
    What is it about this character that you enjoy performing?
    The thing that I most enjoy about my character is that, as the show progresses, I become more and more hysterical and I find it is much fun to portray and carry it out.
    What do you like most about the production and why?
    My favorite thing about this production is how far we've come and how everyone is so encouraging to each other.
    BETSY GALLAGHER - Rapunzel
    What is it about the character that you enjoy performing?
    I like playing Rapunzel because she is an innocent/naive girl who just wants freedom.  At parts can be very dramatic which is fun and a good challenge to portray. She has also been my favorite princess since I was a little girl.
    What do you like most about the production and why?
    I like how all the characters fit together in some way or another. As well as dramatic scenes there are also a good amount of comedic bits which I hope everyone can enjoy. I know I do.
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  • NHS's Annual Blood Drive Was A Success!

    Posted by Abbey Lang on 3/11/2021

    blood driveRecently, the high school National Honor Society put on a blood drive through the Red Cross. They were able to receive 63 units of blood out of the 70 individuals signed up to donate. Of these individuals, 23 were first-time donors! This is the 29th blood drive that DCHS has put together, collecting over 2,300 units of blood throughout the years. Jon Ring, the NHS advisor, stated, “The Red Cross is extremely thankful that we’ve been able to run the drives through the pandemic.”   Blood donation is crucial during this time, and although we have had to overcome obstacles like moving our spring blood drive, the students and staff have continued to help by giving blood!

    Due to Covid, the blood drive appeared slightly different than in years past. Typically, NHS members bring in meat, cheese, and crackers for donors, but this year the Red Cross provided prepackaged snacks to limit the spread of COVID-19. Also, individuals working and donating blood had to have their temperatures taken before entering the gym.  blood drive Waiting chairs were spread out and the tables were limited containing fewer chairs as well. The student workers aided in making sure everyone remained distanced and that masks were worn, while also making sure all donors were in good condition post-donation. 



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  • Cue the drumroll....

    Posted by Abbey Lang on 3/8/2021
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  • Wright County Conference Speech Champions

    Posted by Abbey Lang on 2/26/2021

    "Every speech season has its own challenges and this year is no exception. This season is different. A new way of competing for coaches, judges, and competitors. A steep learning curve for everyone. We have learned to perform to a virtual audience over the computer (synchronously) and the importance of being a supportive virtual audience member." - Coach Beth Steinleitner.

    dylan reid wilson

    Dylan Tessmer- original oratory. His own persuasive speech called "Breaking the Act" talking about mental health.   

    Reid Wilson- humorous. His script is titled "How I got My SuperPowers" which is about a bullying situation on the playground.  

    • Reid W  (Humorous): 1st - WCC Champion!!
    • Dylan T (Original Oratory): 1st - WCC Champion!!
    • Jessica W (Prose): 2nd
    • Noah P (Extemp. Speaking): 5th
    • Elijah W (Discussion): 5th
    • Annika S (Drama): 6th
    • Tait J (Great Speeches): 6th
    • Austyn S (Drama): 7th
    • Anika W (Prose): 7th
    • Sydney R (Storytelling): 6th
    • Sydney J (Drama): 8th
    11 out of 18 speechies place!
    Thank you for your support of DC Speech.
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  • Congratulations on your advancement!

    Posted by Abbey Lang on 2/18/2021
    Out of 16,000 Semifinalists named in September, Audrey met all requirements to advance to Finalist standing in the competition. All finalists will be considered for a National Merit Scholarship awards to be offered in 2021.  Way to go Audrey!


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  • Fruit pizzas have never looked so good

    Posted by Abbey Lang on 2/17/2021

    Intro to Foods had a competition of the most beautifully decorated fruit pizzas. 

    The winners were Eliana Hoffman, Anyah Guenningsman, and Rachel Linz 


    Runner Up was Cyrus Hanson, Emmy Haataja and Josie Herr

    runner up

    fruit pizzas

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  • Cue the drumroll....

    Posted by Abbey Lang on 2/15/2021
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    Posted by Abbey Lang on 2/11/2021

    The Triple-A Award encompasses academics, arts, and athletics and honors seniors across the state.  DC Students receiving this award will also receive a $500 scholarship and will be recognized at the academic awards night and scholarship night. 

    A little about Nicholas...nicholas
    Nicholas was selected into the MMEA All-State Band two years in a row and participates in jazz band, pit orchestra, chamber choir, and select auditioned Honor Bands and choirs inside and outside the state of Minnesota. Though science and music courses are Nicholas’s primary subject of interest, he is currently enrolled in College Calculus, College English, College Psychology, physics, band, and choir. Nicholas is also involved in track and field and has recently picked up strength and conditioning for athletics. His favorite memory from these activities was participating in the All-State band in his Junior and Senior years. Nicholas plans on attending either Concordia, Luther, or St. Olaf college in the Fall of 2021. He’s unsure of his career path at the moment but knows he wants to pursue a career in either science or music.

    Nicholas’s advice to younger classmates is...to always work hard at the beginning of the trimester; it makes the rest of the term less stressful.

    audrey A little about Audrey...
    Audrey was a part of the swim team beginning in 7th grade, and a varsity captain of the team her senior year. As a swimmer, she loved the team dynamic and surviving hard practices with great friends. She was in the marching band and jazz band for 4 years and sang in the chamber choir for the past 3 years. She also participated in band and choir solo and ensemble groups, which she really enjoyed. She is a member of DECA and the Unified Club, as well as a captain of the math league team, co-president of the student council, and president of the National Honor Society. Academically, she has taken as many rigorous classes as she can while still making time for choir almost every trimester. Every class she takes and activity she participates in teaches her new skills and facilitates amazing friendships. She plans to attend the University of Chicago this fall, where hopes to major in economics, mathematics, or philosophy. 
    She advises younger students... to try out anything that seems interesting! I truly believe building relationships with classmates and teachers makes school much more enjoyable. 
    aaa    Congratulations Audrey and Nicholas!
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