Our Brand

  • Branding is a vital part of any organization.  It is defined by our reputation, core values, and spirit - what we think and feel when we hear "Dassel-Cokato Chargers".  Our brand should be consistent and evident in everything we say, write, and do.  Dassel-Cokato Schools believes a consistent visual identity helps showcase our vision "Educate. Innovate. Succeed."  Our brand is what students, families, and community members think and feel when they hear the name "Dassel-Cokato Chargers".  We must all be brand ambassadors and build a positive impression among all our audiences.  

  • Logo Use

    Logo use is encouraged. However, we ask everyone who wants to do so to complete the following steps:

    1. Read through the Dassel-Cokato Schools Style Guide. This document outlines the rules regarding the colors, placement, and size of the logo.
    2. Send an email to abbey.lang[at]dc.k12.mn.us requesting the logo file(s). We'll need to know the purpose/use of the logo and that you've read the style guide. We will then work with you to determine which version of the logo would be appropriate.
    3. You MUST send a digital proof of the final document/item BEFORE using/printing. This is to ensure that the formatting has been done correctly.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding. We want to ensure that any use of the logo is being done appropriately and within the recommended styling. If you have any questions please email abbey.lang[at]dc.k12.mn.us.

    The Dassel-Cokato Schools Style Guide was created to help provide consistent and appropriate representation.   Logos are available to use by students, staff, and families however please refer to this guide for approved logos and their usage.  Logos are available in multiple formats including web-safe and vector. 

    Questions and requests can be sent to Communications Director, Abbey Lang at (320) 286-4100 ext. 1022 or abbey.lang[at]dc.k12.mn.us.


  •  klogo 

    he district logo is used on all Dassel-Cokato Schools communications.




  • DLC


    This logo is used by our co-oped athletic teams: boys and girls hockey, wrestling, and boys swimming and diving.


  •  dc logo

    The district and Chargers logo is frequently used in relation to our various sports and activities.








    This logo is used occasionally and most often with regard to athletic teams.