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New this year! Unified Week week will be Feb. 3-7

**Updated 2/6/20** Pictures from today's Basketball Tournament:
From DC High School Student Council:
The goal for this week is to raise awareness for physical and intellectual disabilities or disorders and promote the inclusion of our peers with special needs. The motto is "person-first". We want students, staff, and the entire community to see a person, not a disability.
Dress-up days have been planned to correlate with these goals. 
Monday- Pajama Day (Relax and be yourself with everyone)
Tuesday- Superhero Day (It takes a superhero to conquer and live with a disability/disorder)
Wednesday- Color Day for Awareness (Freshman= Orange for ADHD/Bullying, Sophomores= Green for Traumatic Brain Injury, Juniors= Teal for Anxiety/Panic/Stress Disorders, Seniors= White and Silver for Learning/Physical Disabilities, Staff= Multi-colored and puzzle pieces for Autism)
Thursday- Unified Spirit Day (Wear your unified t-shirt or any other chargers gear)
Friday- Crazy Sock Day (For Downs Syndrome)
Along with these dress-up days, we will be selling a limited number of Unified T-Shirts. The five dollars of the cost of the T-Shirts go directly to our Unified Program. You can also preorder a t-shirt, click on the link provided below. This will close early Tuesday (28th) morning. It will say the store is closed, giving information to contact Overtime Ink. They are expecting emails from anyone still wanting a t-shirt so the store is still open. The choices are navy or grey with the unified basketball logo on the front and the words "Person First" on the back.
Lastly, next Thursday (6th), we are hosting a Unified Basketball tournament with 3 other teams joining us. 
9:15-10:15 Registration and open shooting in the gym. Arrive when you can!
10:15-10:45 AM: Court 1: D-C vs Delano. Court 2: Annandale vs Hutchinson
10:45-10:55 Break
10:55-11:25- Court 1: D-C vs Annandale Lunch: Hutchinson and Delano
11:25-11:35 Break
11:35-12:05 Court 1 Hutchinson vs Delano   Lunch: D-C and Annandale
12:05-12:15 Break-Recognize Unified Seniors before the final game
12:15-12:45 Court 1 D-C vs Hutchinson Court 2 Delano vs Annandale
**Teachers and students are invited to come down and cheer on the team during any game.