• Disposable foodservice items (i.e., utensils, dishes) will be used.  Self-serving lines will be eliminated.
  • All non-disposable food service items are handled with gloves and washed with dish soap and hot water or in a dishwasher.lunchlines
  • Foodservice staff will wash their hands after removing their gloves or after directly handling used food service items.
  • Proper PPE will be worn at all times while preparing food and interacting with students.
  • Seating areas will utilize additional areas in order to accommodate social distancing.
  • Lunch lines will allow sufficient social distancing space through the use of floor markings.
  • Students will be directed to complete proper handwashing processes (use of hand sanitizer) prior to and when leaving the lunchrooms.
  • The number of checkout lines may be increased when possible to reduce wait times.  
  • Student lanyards will be used to eliminate the need for manually typing student ID numbers.
  • Second Chance Breakfast has been temporarily suspended.


  • Breakfast/Lunch will be sent home packaged or frozen at the end of the day as "heat and serve" meals for students who chose to purchase them.
  • On days students are in school, social distancing will continue during lunch periods, as well as serving prepackaged meals.


  • In the event we are required to Distance Learn again at some point, Dassel-Cokato Schools will implement a contactless pick up an/or delivery system for meals.  Details will be shared at such a time Distance Learning is required.


  • Students who have chosen Virtual Learning: The Charger Way are able to purchase and pick up breakfast and/or lunches.  Similar to this past spring, meals will be prepackaged.  For questions and details regarding this option please contact the Food Services secretary, Tracy Clark at 286-4100 ext. 1013 or by email: tracy.clark[at]