COMMUNICATIONCOVID-19 continues to rapidly change and evolve within our daily lives.  Because of this, Dassel-Cokato Schools will regularly update information, details, and protocols on the district website and COVID-19 UPDATES web pages. 

  • Campus Messenger notices are sent directly to families through email, text, and occasionally by phone.  It is important all families make sure their contact information is current so as to receive these messages.  Families are encouraged to access their Parent Portal account on a regular basis.  Questions regarding the Parent Portal can be directed to each building secretary or by emailing
  • Input from families has been and will continue to be gathered primarily through Campus Surveys.  The information gathered through these surveys is vital as we continue to plan, implement, and make decisions.  
  • In accordance with the MN Department of Health's guidance, families will be notified of positive cases while respecting all individual privacies.
    • Depending on tracing and the ability to identify close contacts, the risk of exposure to individuals will range from low to high.
    • County and State Public Health Departments as well as a Regional Support Team will work with DC School Administrators to implement protocols such as informing the need to quarantine or recommend testing.
  • Each principal will act as their building's COVID-19 coordinator in coordination with their Health Services department. The Licensed School District Nurse will act as the District COVID-19 Nurse.  The principals and District COVID-19 Nurse will work with the District COVID-19 Coordinator who will communicate concerns, challenges, and lessons learned related to COVID-19 preventive activities as needed with staff, families, the administrative team, and local health officials.
    • Dassel-Cokato District COVID-19 Coordinator:  Abbey Lang
    • Dassel-Cokato District COVID-19 Nurse Coordinator: Jenny Heidecker
  • Building COVID-19 Coordinators: Brian Franklin (Cokato Elementary), Alisa Johnson (DCMS), Chris Meisch (DCHS/ALC), Debbie Morris (Dassel Elementary)

    We invite questions from families through our COVID-19 UPDATES page.