Dassel-Cokato Schools was awarded $1 million dollars from the state for flooring in the recreation center. 

Representative Dean Urdhal visited last Monday’s school board meeting to share the details with board members. 

Almost a year ago this project began with a trip to the capital by current school board members Andy Engh and Bill Aho, Superintendent Jeff Powers, Clark Moe, and Keith Raisanen to speak with representatives about receiving help to finish the recreation center.

The school district was awarded $1 million as part of the state’s bonding bill.  The state’s directive is that the money must be used within four years and specifically for flooring in the recreation center.  Superintendent Powers is currently researching costs to complete the floor, in a way that would allow future opportunities, and add bathrooms, making the recreation center a viable option to be used by the school and community.  Very exciting news!!  More details will be shared as they develop.

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    Pictured left to right:
    Bill Aho, School Board
    Representative Dean Urdahl
    Andy Engh, School Board
    Jeff Powers, Superintendent