Breaking News..We HAVE an app!!

Community Education is making it easier for you to discover opportunities:

  • Discover and register for Community Education programs
  • Connect to the school building webpages
  • View the lunch menu or check out activities
  • Have a direct connection to everything on the website through a mobile app
  • Access Parent Portal and much, much more

We will not be printing brochures but instead bringing you SO MUCH MORE!  

This "Pocket Brochure" is now LIVE in both Google Play and the App Store - Apple.qr code
Community Education has navigated the challenges of the past year by marketing our programs online and this mobile app will help us continue providing the communities with the most up-to-date programming.  COVID has taught us all how quickly changes happen and in the amount of time it takes to prepare, print, and mail a brochure multiple updates could have occurred.  We'll also be able to connect families directly to the school district website, and provide them will multiple quick and helpful links such as school building maps, calendars, notifications, and many more.
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**June 2021** We've received reports of issues with the mobile app and iPhone 12s not being compatible.  We are working with the app developer to solve the problem and will update this information as soon as we have more details.