Homework time!

reading time Sometimes life is crazy after school and work! You work late, have to get home, cook dinner and squeeze in homework and reading time before bed. One of the great benefits of Charger Kids Club is getting a chance to work on homework or read a good book after school.    

Parents, encourage your children to take their homework out at work time and we can get it done together! Each day they are given the opportunity to take out homework and receive help from CKC staff when needed. If a student chooses not to work on their homework or does not have any, they are encouraged to grab a book and read or be read too. The older kids enjoy having the opportunity to read to the younger kids. ckc reading  Sometimes it is just more fun to read to a friend than to read alone! Ask your kids if they read at Chargers today and they can mark it off on their Read for Treats Calendar at home! 

 Student Quote:

 “I like to read to the kindergarteners at Charger Kids Club. It is fun to see them have so much fun reading.”--Mya, 4th Grade