Hangout with Charger Kids Club after school!

checking in After a busy day at school, the kids are greeted by a smiling Brenda, CKC Assistant Site Supervisor, and asked how their day was!

After checking in and putting their things away the students head to their CKC classroom for some free time. This free time gives them a chance to get some wiggles out or just relax a bit.  After free time they eat a snack, chat with their friends, and sometimes listen to a story.  homework

After snack is homework time for those that have some. If there isn't homework to be done, children will do a craft, activity, game, or go outside.

Once the weather is nice enough we make sure to get the kids outside every day after school! Outside they enjoy the playground, 4-square, play in the field, use any of our outdoor play equipment, or even draw with chalk.

Most kids leave with a smile on their face unless they are sad to go, then you might see a frown. Our staff does a wonderful job at interacting with the kids. Most days you can see them playing a game or sitting and having a conversation with a group of kids.