We're moving...

Work is underway to convert what was the old Functional Industries building into the new ALC building.  The building was approved for purchased last December and will have students attending by the fall of 2021.  The ALC has been located in the Coldwell Banker building since 2013 and the space has served students and staff well.  However, when the Functional Industries building became available it was an opportunity to expand and provide approximately 1,500 square feet of additional space for the day/evening program as well as several new educational options for students, such as small and large group project areas.

ALC 1    

 On the list of "things to do" for this project include updating and outfitting the building for classrooms such as a science room, life skills room, small kitchen area, and student workspaces.

alc 3

"For the first time, we will be able to offer our day and night students hands-on opportunities in the trades as we will have a shop area in the ALC.  We are looking forward to partnering with community experts to provide these opportunities for our students."  ALC Director Jon Nelson.

alc 4

The new space will provide opportunities for lab stations in science with water and gas at each. This is common in most science rooms and something that will be a great addition to the new building.  "Also, by having a large maker space/shop area we will be able to do some trades skills at night school as well as bring in community experts. I am excited to be able to teach mechanical/basic electrical as well as maybe even some programming as many of those skills are highly sought after in the job field."  Patrick Schuette, ALC Science Teacher.