Follow along with the progress and updates.

One step closer to Open House! (Week of August 2-6)

ALc  conference room  kitchen lab

We're just about ready to move in! (Week of July 26-30)

lab  reception  shop  kitchen

Included are pictures of the science lab, reception area, shop, and the washing station within the kitchen area.  Equipped with both water and gas outlets for lab projects the science room will offer many opportunities.  The reception area provides ample office space for working and greeting staff and students.  A large shop space containing tools and stations will provide space for students to learn and practice work-related skills found within many job sites.  The fully functioning kitchen station will allow the ALC to serve meals sent from the high school.

Carpeting makes this classroom complete! (Week of June 21-25)


 Almost done...the final projects are in process and its looking great!  (week of June 14-18)

floor  polished floor

science cabinets  lifeskills room

 The classrooms are coming together!  (Week of June 7-11)


Tiles galore...on the ceiling and the floor! (Week of June 2-5)

ceiling  floor





Next on the paint schedule are the walls!  (Week of May 24-28)

walls 1  walls 2

The ceilings and door/window frames were painted this week.  (Week of May 17-21)

 ceiling  ceiling

frames  frames

The water main connecting the city's water to the building was trenched in and connected. (Week of May 10-14)

    water main

Let there be LIGHT!  Windows allowing for natural light were cut into the building. (Week of May 3-7)

inside view  outside view

Insulation and drywall...another couple steps towards completion!  (Week of April 26-30)

insulation  drywall  


City sewer and water connections were added to both the science and life skills rooms.  (Week of April 19-23)

A trench from the new science room creates the sewer connection for the sinks in each of the rooms.  Cutting through cement flooring, digging a trench, connecting piping, and redoing the flooring is an extensive process but the end result creates several curriculum opportunities for these classrooms and students.

otherside of the wall

After digging sewer connections the hot/cold water lines and drainage pipes were added for each of the sink sources.  Pending the inspection approval, drywalling will begin next week.


Expanding the counter space, by several feet, will create an open area feel for the front reception.  New file storage and desk counters will be added after painting the area in a few weeks.


On the west end of the building, the shop space will become a viable work area complete with portable "job site tools".  Students pursuing construction careers will primarily focus on developing introductory skills through projects frequently encountered on a job site.

shop area

Doors and windows wrap up classroom framing. (Week of April 12-16)

The interior classroom walls have been framed with doors and interior windows added.

framed walls

In the coming weeks, window openings will also be cut into the exterior of the building to allow for natural light.

interior windows

What was once a break room (pictured below) is quickly turning into the new science lab.  Plumbing work is in the process of adding several water sources for lab projects.

science lab  before picture of science lab

Just like that the classrooms take shape! (Week of April 5-9)

ALC progress pic 

Inside and out - updating and upgrading makes for a busy week! ( Week of March 29-April 2)

rooftop unit

ON THE OUTSIDE...Spring Break brought about some notable changes to both the interior and exterior of the new ALC building.  Luckily the weather cooperated while the HVAC rooftop unit was being installed.  This unit will be more efficient to meet the needs of the school.

ON THE INSIDE...Walls are beginning to take shape creating classrooms and workspaces.  The red color of the ceiling will be painted shortly to match the black ceiling shown in the picture below.  As an extension of the High School, ultimately the interior colors will match those currently used in the High Schools Commons. 

Also (pictured below) being upgraded was the shop area's unit heater and the fire suppression system for the building.  The building did not have fire suppression previously, due to code requirements school buildings are required to have these systems which address each of the individual interior spaces.  Later in the Spring, a six-inch water main will be trenched into the school to supply the fire suppression system.

The unit heater was original to the building, built in the 1970s, and was due to be upgraded.

heater  fire suppression