Check your mailbox!

Posted by Abbey Lang on 7/22/2022

Dear Charger Nation,
On Tuesday, August 9, 2022, residents of the Dassel-Cokato School District will have the opportunity to vote on one referendum question, which, if approved, would result in a $17,900,000 bond issue for facility and educational improvements. We invite you to review this special community mailer with detailed information about both questions.

Educated and Prepared Students
Our commitment to DC students prioritizes safe and relevant learning environments. Educated and prepared students are the first step to a valuable workforce. What students learn today fuels the communities’ economy tomorrow. Relevant learning opportunities and authentic instruction for students will be supported through learning space improvements in the facilities referendum plan.

A Focused Plan Based on Staff and Community Input
Our communities expect us to provide safe and secure schools that prepare students for a successful future. The focus of this plan is based on the district’s commitment to our students and community feedback. This bond plan has been well reviewed by district leadership, staff, and community members. It supports purposeful investment for improving our educational facilities for years to come. If approved, this referendum would allow the district to address many of its long-term facility needs.

Strong Communities Grow with Strong Schools
Schools directly reflect the communities they serve. With these investments, we believe our schools remain at the center of our communities‘ commitment to student preparation and success for many years to come. Safe and relevant learning spaces make way for intentional and authentic learning experiences for our students. Our students will see the value our communities place on their education and success.

Mark Raymond,

More information can be found on the Bond 2022 webpage:

Click HERE to view the Community Mailer send to district residents on July 15th.