Pink Pig-Buckets

pig Whether it's expired foods from the grocery store, local CSA, food shelf, kitchen table or our garden, we've been feeding food waste of some sort to our pigs for years. We're really just taking a page from our forebearers and the small family farms that came before us. It helps cut back on food waste and provides a varying diet for animals that are often fed simply on corn and soybean meal. 
 As anyone who's ever had pigs can tell you, they are fascinating creatures in their ability to act as nature's composting and recycling machines. And in the end that half-eaten bagel comes back to us in the form of the greatest foodstuff of all time - bacon.  - Clint Scherping
lunch Many communities are beginning to recognize the impact food waste is having on them and are responding by offering services to deal with the waste.  Specially permitted hog farms are often able to take pre-consumer and post-consumer food waste.  They may offer special services like daily pick-up, collection containers, and support.  Dassel Elementary is no stranger to this as they have formed such a relationship with local Dassel resident and hog farmer, Clint Scherping.  Pink garbage bags collect food waste that would otherwise be thrown away. 
garbage cans Students help by sorting their waste into recycling, non-recycling, and the Pink Pig-Bucket!  It has become a project the entire school is behind and students love getting the updates on how the pigs are enjoying their lunches.  Kuddos to students, staff and Mr. Scherping for participating in this awesome program!