Have you noticed all the updates Cokato Elementary has had over the summer?


On the outside, sidewalks were widened and added in three areas.


The wider areas help give students more room during high traffic times such as drop-offs and pickups.

cement pad

I hear there are some epic four-square games planned for this area!  I witnessed first hand the levels of dedication to four-square at Cokato Elementary this past spring.  It. Was. Awesome.


new tar

Staff are enjoying the smoothness of new tar being the west lot was completely redone.  

new sinks

New sinks and tile give the bathrooms a fresh look.

kitchen serving line

The kitchen serving line was remodeled with "new" (to us) portable equipment.

gym divider

The gymnasium received some much-needed storage space keeping equipment off to the side as well as a collapsable divider helping keep balls and such from rolling off the stage.


Rounding out the summer projects was the installation of fencing along the north and east sides of the playground.  One more safety feature added to help students stay in the safest areas while burning energy and getting their wiggles out.