• sitelogiq

    SitelogIQ is a program management firm focused on assisting PreK-12 partners.

    They are a nationwide company serving students and school communities in 44 out of 50 states. In the upper Midwest, they have provided professional services to over 100 districts, completing nearly $2 Billion in construction value, with an annual construction average of $230 M. In Minnesota alone, during the 2021 school year, $100 M in projects were developed and will be implemented beginning during the summer of 2022.

    The Midwest division of SitelogIQ consists of 100 employees working exclusively for schools. The company is comprised of architects, engineers, facility analysts, professional licensed educators, project managers, commissioning specialists, community engagement specialists, referendum support staff, and many more specific professionals. The organization provides all of these professional services under one umbrella and acts cohesively and synergistically in order to provide efficient and cost-effective services for our PreK-12 partners.

    In February of 2022, Dassel-Cokato Schools partnered with SitelogIQ.

    The District partnered with SitelogIQ who is currently conducting a comprehensive facility assessment study, from the rooftops to the pavement.  This comprehensive study will include information about the life expectancy of the current equipment and infrastructure, including indoor air quality, temperature and humidity, lighting, acoustics, and utility usage.  Results from the study will be presented to the school board in March of 2022.  

    While the facilities assessment study is being conducted, SitelogIQ community engagement team members are working to facilitate community facility groups to learn about, understand and help identify district needs.  This process will ultimately become the project plan designed to fit our educational goals and facility needs.  Upon completion, it will be presented to the school board for approval in order to bring a referendum to the voters.