Safe Learning Protocols 2020-2021


    Students and drivers will be required to wear face coverings while on all school district transportation vehicles.
    *In accordance with Executive Order 20-81.

    • Busses will be disinfected daily.busses
    • Students will be seated 6 feet back from the driver.
    • Students will be seated to maximize social distancing and will load the bus from back to front.
    • Students of the same family may be asked to share seats.
    • Busses will unload one bus at a time to avoid crowds of students entering the building.


    • During the hybrid scenario the number of students riding buses/vans is reduced to 50% occupancy. 
    • Students of the same family will be asked to share seats.

    *If you are able to transport your students to and from school, please contact the transportation office at 286-4105.  This will help reduce bus crowding.

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    • Hand sanitizer will be available in classrooms and throughout common areas/entrances in each of the buildings.
    • High-touch surfaces will be prioritized for cleaning/sanitizing throughout the day.
      • doorknobs, handles, light switches, tables, chairs, dispensers, work areas, faucets, and keyboards.
    • Buildings will be disinfected nightly through the use of ionizing aerosol foggers.
    • All sanitizing and cleaning supplies will be used in accordance with product labels, safety data sheets, and manufacturer specifications and will be stored away from students.
    • All cleaning and sanitizing will be done in accordance with CDC and OSHA guidelines.

    sanitizer If a student or staff member is suspected of having COVID-19 related symptoms:
    The impacted area will be disinfected, including prioritizing high-touch surfaces.

    If a positive case is identified while in the building:
    The impacted area will be closed while custodial services thoroughly disinfect the entire area and any other potentially affected areas.

    In the event a building is required to close due to a COVID-19 outbreak:
    Custodial services shall disinfect the entire building in accordance with CDC and OSHA guidelines as well as following guidance from the MN Department of Health.

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  • COMMUNICATIONCOVID-19 continues to rapidly change and evolve within our daily lives.  Because of this, Dassel-Cokato Schools will regularly update information, details, and protocols on the district website and COVID-19 UPDATES web pages. 

    • Campus Messenger notices are sent directly to families through email, text, and occasionally by phone.  It is important all families make sure their contact information is current so as to receive these messages.  Families are encouraged to access their Parent Portal account on a regular basis.  Questions regarding the Parent Portal can be directed to each building secretary or by emailing
    • Input from families has been and will continue to be gathered primarily through Campus Surveys.  The information gathered through these surveys is vital as we continue to plan, implement, and make decisions.  
    • In accordance with the MN Department of Health's guidance, families will be notified of positive cases while respecting all individual privacies.
      • Depending on tracing and the ability to identify close contacts, the risk of exposure to individuals will range from low to high.
      • County and State Public Health Departments as well as a Regional Support Team will work with DC School Administrators to implement protocols such as informing the need to quarantine or recommend testing.
    • Each principal will act as their building's COVID-19 coordinator in coordination with their Health Services department. The Licensed School District Nurse will act as the District COVID-19 Nurse.  The principals and District COVID-19 Nurse will work with the District COVID-19 Coordinator who will communicate concerns, challenges, and lessons learned related to COVID-19 preventive activities as needed with staff, families, the administrative team, and local health officials.
      • Dassel-Cokato District COVID-19 Coordinator:  Abbey Lang
      • Dassel-Cokato District COVID-19 Nurse Coordinator: Jenny Heidecker
    • Building COVID-19 Coordinators: Brian Franklin (Cokato Elementary), Alisa Johnson (DCMS), Chris Meisch (DCHS/ALC), Debbie Morris (Dassel Elementary)

      We invite questions from families through our COVID-19 UPDATES page.
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    Dassel-Cokato Community Education is excited to continue to offer opportunities to our community members.  While our year continues to look different than any other we've experienced, we are committed to providing the best experience possible.

    • We will continue to follow all requirements set forth by the MN Department of Health and the MN Department of Education.
    • Participating students must have a parent/guardian complete the Student Agreement in the registration process prior to the start of any program.
    • We invite you to stay up-to-date with all that we are offering by following us on Facebook at Dassel-Cokato Community Education and our website at



    • Charger Kids Club will continue offering school-age childcare before and after school for grades PreK-5 students.  Preschool students must be age 4 and currently enrolled in DC's Play and Learn Preschool program.
      • Morning hours are 6:00am-8:00am
      • Afternoon hours are 3:00pm-6:00pm
    • Charger Kids Club maintains pods of 15 staff and students, promotes a safe program environment that follows social distancing of at least 6 feet whenever possible, good hygiene, and cleaning standards in accordance with CDC and MDH guidelines.
    • Charger Kids Club adheres processes and protocols as set forth by Dassel-Cokato Schools.


    • Executive Over 20-82 requires school-age care for eligible children of Tier 1 workers during regular school instruction hours.  Applicable fees apply to time spent in care outside of regular instruction hours.
    • School-age care for children of Tier 1 workers is intended for extreme circumstances in which no parent or guardian is at home due to employment as a Tier 1 worker.  Free child care is to be made available when the only parent or both parents in the household are employed as Tier 1 workers.
      • Tier 1 critical workers are defined in Appendix A. 
      • Families who qualify for childcare or free childcare during HYBRID and DISTANCE LEARNING will be required to provide Tier 1 employment verification prior to transitioning into these learning models.
      • Transportation will be made available for students participating in school-age care for children of critical workers, in accordance with our local student transportation requirements, as it was this past spring, March-May 2020.
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    • Disposable foodservice items (i.e., utensils, dishes) will be used.  Self-serving lines will be eliminated.
    • All non-disposable food service items are handled with gloves and washed with dish soap and hot water or in a dishwasher.lunchlines
    • Foodservice staff will wash their hands after removing their gloves or after directly handling used food service items.
    • Proper PPE will be worn at all times while preparing food and interacting with students.
    • Seating areas will utilize additional areas in order to accommodate social distancing.
    • Lunch lines will allow sufficient social distancing space through the use of floor markings.
    • Students will be directed to complete proper handwashing processes (use of hand sanitizer) prior to and when leaving the lunchrooms.
    • The number of checkout lines may be increased when possible to reduce wait times.  
    • Student lanyards will be used to eliminate the need for manually typing student ID numbers.
    • Second Chance Breakfast has been temporarily suspended.


    • Breakfast/Lunch will be sent home packaged or frozen at the end of the day as "heat and serve" meals for students who chose to purchase them.
    • On days students are in school, social distancing will continue during lunch periods, as well as serving prepackaged meals.


    • In the event we are required to Distance Learn again at some point, Dassel-Cokato Schools will implement a contactless pick up an/or delivery system for meals.  Details will be shared at such a time Distance Learning is required.


    • Students who have chosen Virtual Learning: The Charger Way are able to purchase and pick up breakfast and/or lunches.  Similar to this past spring, meals will be prepackaged.  For questions and details regarding this option please contact the Food Services secretary, Tracy Clark at 286-4100 ext. 1013 or by email: tracy.clark[at]
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    • Families and staff are being asked to complete the Daily Health Assessment prior to arriving at school each day.
    • Upon completing the Daily Health Assessment, if you answer yes to any of the questions accordingly you should stay home, contact your healthcare provider and then the school.
    • DC's Decision Tree, created in accordance with the MN Department of Health's Decision Tree provides guidance for returning to work/school.


    • Students and staff are required to wear face coverings in accordance with Executive Order 20-21 and MN Department of Health requirements.
    • Multiple entrances and specific door designations (declared by use of signage) will be used to minimize crowding. 
    • Busses will unload one at a time. 
    • Parents and visitors will have limited access to the buildings during the school day.
      • Those picking up or dropping off students are asked to wait in their cars or social distance outdoors while waiting.
    • Teachers and staff will work with students to provide education about healthy hygiene practices, social distancing, and general safety precautions throughout the day.
      • Staff will receive continual updates and information related to the above as new recommendations and requirements become available.
    • Hand sanitizing stations are available at various points throughout the buildings and classrooms.
    • The use of signs and dots will help educate and remind students and staff about safety procedures and social distancing.
    • Classrooms will be arranged to accommodate for as much social distancing as is feasible.
    • Student traffic flow may be redirected to minimize student gatherings.
    • Teachers may utilize the outdoors for instructional purposes so long as weather permits.
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  • Student Support/ Teaching and Learning 

    • Teachers will focus on building relationships, identifying learning gaps from last spring and summer, and helping students feel supported and connected to their classmates and school.
    • To the greatest extent possible, instruction will look and feel like it did prior to COVID-19.
    • Classrooms have been arranged to allow for as much social distancing as is feasible.
    • Alternative spaces may be utilized for some classes.  For example, the Performing Arts Center may be used for choir classes to allow more social distancing while singing.  Gym classes are being encouraged to utilize the outdoors as much as possible.
    • Field trips have been suspended until further notice.
    • Activities that bring large groups of people together will be discontinued or reconfigured to consist of smaller groups who are able to maintain proper social distancing.
    • Nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving external groups/organizations have been restricted.
    • Social workers will work with staff to provide education and awareness of signs students may display who need social, emotional, and/or mental health support.
    • Families are encouraged to reach out to school social workers with any concerns about their children.
    • All staff will prioritize and help students adjust to being in school.
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Floor dots designate proper social distancing


Plexiglass is in all reception areas


Signage directs traffic flow


Handwashing signs provide reminders


Lunch lines are socially distanced and will move quickly


sanitizing stations are located in each building