Weekly Aquatics Activities

  • Lap Swim is for those adults who swim at an intermediate level or above. Lap swim runs on Mondays & Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30 PM,Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00-7:00 AM. Rates: $4/child/student, $6/adults, $15/family. 10-Punch cards can be purchased at the pool. $32/child/student, $48/adults, $42/seniors (62+), $120/families.Please note this schedule is subject to change due to attendance.

    Open Swim is open mid-fall to late spring for public swimming. Open swim runs on Sundays, 2:00-4:00 pm. November-May (please refer to the pool calendar for exact dates).

    Rates: $4/child/student, $6/adults, $15/family. 10-Punch cards can be purchased at the pool. $32/child/student, $48/adults, $42/seniors (62+), $120/families.

    Groups with more than 10 people are encouraged to call us to make reservations.

    Pool Schedule: The pool calendar is subject to change due to holidays, events, low enrollment, etc. Please refer to the current monthly pool calendar at the pool.

    Swimming Lessons are offered many times throughout the year. For current available classes please view our online catalog. View a listing of swim lesson course level descriptions to help you decide what level is appropriate for each student.

Renting of Pool Facilities

  • Please contact Patti Kampa at 320-286-4100 x1813 ore-mail for more information and available pool times. 3 weeks noticed is preferred for renting the pool so lifeguards can be secured. If submitting a request by mail please fill out our request form.


    What is the cost of renting the pool?

    1. All reservations will be charged a $10 permit fee.
    2. Rent for the High School pool is as follows:
      • Non-profit groups/individuals located in ISD #466= $10/hr
      • Commercial, business organizations/individuals conducting activities for profit= $15/hr
      • Non-profit groups located outside of ISD #466= $30/hr
      • Commercial, business organizations/individuals located outside of ISD #466= $50/hr
    3. Lifeguards are required when using the High School swimming pool. The fees for guards are $45/hour for the first hour, $30/hour for each additional hour. Fees include two lifeguards. Groups over 50 require an additional guard at $25/hour each.

    For example, if you are a non-profit group or individual located within ISD #466 with 50 people or less swimming in the pool the rates are as follows. 1 hour= $65, 1.5 hours= $85, 2 hours= $105.

    For a complete listing of fees and reservation priorities please see the Facility Use Procedures and Policies Brochures.

    To rent other facilities in ISD #466, please contact Patti Kampa at 320-286-4100 x1813 or by e-mail. For more information on facility reservations please click here.