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  • Dassel-Cokato Schools is committed to providing clear and concise information serving the best interests of our students, staff, and families.  This page has been created as a central location for all COVID-19 related information.

    Dassel-Cokato Schools receives direction from the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Department of Education in relation to COVID-19.  Our commitment is to deliver an excellent education in a safe environment during these tumultuous times.  

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  • What are the Bi-Weekly Case Rate Numbers, how are they determined and what do they mean?

    On October 8th the number recorded for Wrighty County was 19.44 COVID-19 cases per 10,000 people, up from 12.35.  Meeker County is at  26.86 COVID-19 cases per 10,000 people, up from 25.56. 

    What do these numbers signify?  MDH created an equation that takes into account the total number of cases in a 14-day period and divides it by the county population per 10,000.

    Example 1:  a county of 400,000 people reported 200 cases in a 14-day period.  The bi-weekly case rate number for that county would be: 200 / (400,000/10,000) = 5.  According to the Learning Mode Parameters, in-person learning would be recommended for all students in a county with the number 5. 

    Example 2: a county of 400,000 people reported 1,500 cases in a 14-day period.  The bi-weekly case rate number for that county would be 1,500 / (400,000/10,000) = 37.5.  According to the Learning Model Parameters, hybrid learning would be recommended for elementary students and distance learning for middle/high school students in a county with the number 37.5. 


    If the bi-weekly case rate numbers were the only determining factor, both Meeker and Wright Counties cross the threshold into hybrid learning, according to Learning Model Parameters (see the chart above).  Although bi-weekly numbers indicate viral activity within a county, it does not necessarily indicate the viral activity within our communities and is not the sole factor for determining a shift in the learning model.  According to the Safe Learning Plan, the decision to shift between learning models will be based on the school-level impact of COVID-19, while maintaining awareness of county-level data. 

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  • The Safe Learning Model Look-Up allows users to look up a school district or school’s learning model(s). All data that was reported by the district, both past, current, and potentially future, is reflected on this site. 

    The Safe Learning Model Dashboard allows users to sort learning model data collected from school districts. A user is able to view all districts and schools in a specific learning model, to view the learning models implemented within a certain region, or to identify the learning models implemented across the state by grade level. 

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  • We want to hear your questions. We will be posting the answers to frequently asked questions as a reference for all parents.   
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