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Dassel-Cokato School's Learning Model Schedule

Quarantine information / Resources

  • Dassel-Cokato Schools will be following MDH’s updated guidelines for quarantining.
    The MN Department of Health released updated guidelines pertaining to quarantining this past Monday.  

    • If you are quarantining because someone in your household has tested (+), the full 14-day quarantine is still required.  (The COVID-19 virus can develop up to 14 days after the last contact with a positive person.)

    For those who are quarantining due to exposure from someone who DOES NOT live in the same household as you (ex. classroom, school bus, work, social gathering).

    • A quarantine can end after 10 days:
        • If you have not tested positive for COVID-19
        • If you are not experiencing any symptoms
        • If no one in your household currently has COVID-19
        • If you continue to monitor your symptoms through day 14
        • Your REDUCED QUARANTINE REQUEST has been submitted and approved.

    • A quarantine can end after 7 days:
      • If you test negative for COVID-19 with a PCR test after 5 full days.
        • Rapid (antigen) tests ARE NOT PCR tests
        • If wanting to end a quarantine on day 7, the negative results of a PCR test are required before a student is able to return to school 
      • If you are not experiencing any symptoms
      • If no one in your household currently has COVID-19
      • If you continue to monitor your symptoms through day 14
        Your REDUCED QUARANTINE REQUEST has been submitted and approved.
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  • A letter from Meeker County Public Health & Meeker Memorial Hospitals and Clinics

    Meeker County COVID-19 Community Resources

    COVID-19 Quarantine vs. Isolation

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  • The Safe Learning Model Look-Up allows users to look up a school district or school’s learning model(s). All data that was reported by the district, both past, current, and potentially future, is reflected on this site. 

    The Safe Learning Model Dashboard allows users to sort learning model data collected from school districts. A user is able to view all districts and schools in a specific learning model, to view the learning models implemented within a certain region, or to identify the learning models implemented across the state by grade level. 

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Ordering meals for days at home

Attendance Hybrid and Virtual

  • We want to hear your questions. We will be posting the answers to frequently asked questions as a reference for all parents.   
    If you have a question, ASK IT BY CLICKING HERE.

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Family Communication Updates

  • Dassel-Cokato Schools is committed to providing clear and concise information serving the best interests of our students, staff, and families.  This page has been created as a central location for all COVID-19 related information.

    Dassel-Cokato Schools receives direction from the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Department of Education in relation to COVID-19.  Our commitment is to deliver an excellent education in a safe environment during these tumultuous times.