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  • Virtual Learning: The Charger Way

    At Dassel-Cokato Schools, we understand times are confusing and feel uncertain.   We know there are families uncomfortable with or unable to send their students to school this fall.  We want to make sure all of our students are successful and are preparing a Virtual Learning option to try and meet the needs of our many families.  Ultimately we believe the best place for our students is in our classrooms, with our teachers, but we understand the vulnerability many are experiencing and want to provide an option that continues our high standards of education but still has the goal of returning all students to the classroom.

    Starting Fall 2020
    Dassel-Cokato Schools will be offering a Virtual Learning program that will mirror the day-to-day curriculum being taught in the classroom but offered online.  It will help students keep pace with their peers and allow for a smoother transition when students are able to return to school.

    Dedicated staff will help support students as they work their way through our virtual classrooms.  Students may join some classes live or choose to watch previously recorded lessons.  Either way, it allows students to continue learning at the same pace as their peers and will keep them connected to their teachers and school.

    We are currently in the planning stages of creating Virtual Learning: The Charger Way.  The number of families who end up choosing this program as the best fit for them will determine much of the specifics we are still working out.  For example, if we have 7 first grade students who are registered for Virtual Learning and 27 4th grade students, the support for both could look different from each.  Either way dedicated staff will be supporting all students.

    We want to provide you with as many details as possible so you’re able to make an informed decision but we’re also asking for your patience and understanding.  We WILL provide the highest quality education for our students but need to know how many students will be attending in-person and virtually in order to work through what each day will look like.

  • Virtual Learning: The Charger Way - COMING BACK TO THE CLASSROOM

    There will come a time when COVID-19 is in the past, our hope is to have all DC students return to the classroom.   Students receiving schooling through different sources (co-ops, online, homeschooling) could very well have impacted learning levels due to various curriculums, standards, and support.  Virtual Learning: The Charger Way will allow students an easier transition back into the classroom because they will be experiencing the same education as their fellow classmates.  Students who have been away and then return must undergo assessments in order to determine appropriate placement.  This option puts them back in the classroom and keeps them moving on their path to graduation.