Welcome to Little Chargers Childcare, our preschool wraparound program!

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    Set you calendar for March 4th, 2024. Register for Little Chargers Childcare with your DC Play and Learn Preschool registration! 

    About Little Chargers Childcare

    • Providing care for enrolled DC Play and Learn Preschool students, Little Chargers Childcare will offer childcare services to students in two locations, Cokato Elementary and DC Community Ed. and Early Childhood Center.
    • Dedicated staff provide a nurturing and fun environment for students attending Little Charger Childcare. Our program is a balanced, high-quality opportunity providing recreation, social skill development, basic skills reinforcement, and academic enrichment.
    • While this program is not an extension of preschool, there will be fun activities that support it through theme-based activities. Plenty of time will be dedicated to child-directed play, and children will have opportunities to provide input into the types of activities available.

    Early Childhood Center - serving students who attend preschool at the Early Childhood Center

    • This location will serve our 3/4s students and those enrolled in the 2-day 4/5s section. Students attending preschool at the center will stay at the center for wraparound care, open 7 am -5 pm.
    • Beginning fall of 2024, afternoon bussing is available HOME for the 4's/5's preschoolers.
    • A separate classroom space, different from the preschool classroom, will be dedicated to wraparound care. Students will also have the opportunity to use both indoor and outdoor play spaces.

    Cokato Elementary - serving students who attend preschool at either Dassel Elementary or Cokato Elementary

    • Students attending preschool at either elementary will receive wraparound care at Cokato Elementary. The Charger Kids Club room will be a dedicated daytime space, as well as other indoor/outdoor play spaces.
    • Dedicated bussing and staff will transport Dassel El. preschool students to Cokato El., helping them load the bus and meeting them curbside each way. This allows Dassel El. preschool students the ability to use bussing in the morning or afternoon or to attend Charger Kids Club at Dassel Elementary.


    • Little Chargers Childcare registration will open with 2024 DC Play and Learn Preschool registration on March 4th
    • Students* must be enrolled in DC Play and Learn Preschool to be eligible for care. (*Students must also be fully potty trained.)
    • Families can choose between full-time care and preschool days only. Families seeking full-time care will receive registration priority.
    • A rest time is provided daily. If your child does not nap, we recommend registering for an afternoon preschool class.
  • Little Chargers Childcare
    (opening September 5, 2023)

    Two locations:
    Early Childhood Center
    Cokato Elementary
    (serving both  Dassel & Cokato Elementary)

    Contact with questions:
    Jennifer Todnem
    Chargers Kids Club Site Supervisor
    (320) 286-4100 ext. 1036

    Abbey Lang
    Director of Community Services
    (320) 286-4100 ext. 1022  


Coming Soon! Fall 2023

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