Why E-Learning days?

    E-Learning days are intended to provide an opportunity for teaching and learning to continue when school cancellations are necessary due to inclement weather.  Our goal is always to have our students in our buildings, but E-learning provides a viable option when our roads create challenges in transporting students on our buses. E-learning days also negate the need for us to add days back onto our calendar later in June.

    When will the district use E-Learning days?

    The first two cancellations due to winter weather will be considered “snow days”, and will not be replaced with E-learning days.  These are days in which there will be no school in person or via E-Learning.  The next five days of school-related cancellations will result in E-learning days. 

    If the district closes school after initially identifying a two-hour late start, an E-learning day will be implemented using the same parameters as if it were a standard school closure. 


    Staff Availability

    Teachers and administrators will be available for students by email.  If there is a need or a desire to communicate via phone, please reach out to your corresponding building office.  

    Please read below as it is necessary for each school to tailor their E-learning program to meet the unique needs of its students.  All staff members have an email address and phone extension listed on our website's Staff Directory 

    If you need technical support, please contact our IT department at 320-286-4100 ext. 1884.

    Student Attendance 

    Students will be considered in attendance unless indicated otherwise by parents.  Parents should follow the same exact procedures for reporting an absence that they do when we run a traditional school day.  Students that need additional time because of limited internet access or other unique circumstances should contact their teacher.

  • Grades K-4 Elementary Families:

  • Grades 5-8 Middle School Students:

  • Grades 9-12 High School Students:

  • Special Education Teachers and Related Service (i.e. speech)