The Dassel-Cokato Public School Board is calling for a special election on Tuesday, August 9, 2022, to authorize a general obligation school building bond not to exceed $17,900,000 for facility improvements.


    Approval of the ballot questions would result in a property tax increase beginning with taxes payable in 2023, remaining in place for 20 years. To determine the estimated impact of the proposed ballot questions on your 2023 taxes, follow the instructions on the Tax Impact Calculator website.

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Estimated Ag. Tax Impact Example

  • The attached document shows the averages for ag land for the five townships (where at least some of the township is in the D-C district) in Meeker County.  

      • Meeker County Average residential value = $230,000
      • Average ag values = about $5,000/tillable acre and the average-sized farm is about 300 acres.  This is a total ag value of about $1.5 million.
      • An example of the tax impact calculation based on those averages is shown in the document below.
      • The total monthly impact for a $230,000 home in Meeker County with 300 acres of ag land is $6.


    Values represented are assessed and may not represent how much property owners are selling for in the current market.