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  • On Monday, March 7th, Dassel-Cokato Schools began the process of re-initiating the referendum work put on pause two years ago. 

    In 2020, the district hosted a series of community groups in which a package of bond projects was presented to the school board.  Unfortunately, the pandemic stopped that progress from moving forward, yet many of the needs have not gone away.  CTE is still a primary focus, but as two years have passed, we want to make sure we are addressing and assessing all potential facility needs.  

    As a professional courtesy, we wanted to take time to appreciate the efforts dedicated by the original community group members.  The past two years have shifted the abilities and capabilities of education, so while we wanted to validate their work, we also wanted them to be the first to hear that the district is going to be seeking additional insight and feedback from community stakeholders to identify any potential additional needs.

    Helping to facilitate this process are team members from our new partnership with SitelogIQ, a facility planning, design, and management company.  As part of this partnership, SitelogIQ is conducting a comprehensive facilities assessment while at the same time facilitating community groups to learn about, understand and help identify district needs.  This process will ultimately become the project plan designed to fit our educational goals and facility needs.  Upon completion, it will be presented to the school board for approval in order to bring a referendum to the voters.

    The official launch of this planning process will be initiated on March 22nd with the first of two community engagement meetings.  Prior to this meeting, SitelogIQ will be hosting a staff engagement discussion to explore future ready learning spaces, school finance and staff roles during engagement and referendum events.

  • Community Facility Groups will work to address the below agenda items at the meetings on March 22nd and April 5th.

    • What do students in Dassel-Cokato need to succeed in the next 10-20 years?
    • How do we best serve our local communities and economy with what we do in school?
    • What opportunities do we have in our facilities to support our work with students?
    • How does MN school finance work and what does that look like in Dassel-Cokato?
    • What are the funding options we have for project work?
    • What is the potential impact to local taxpayers of completing projects in our schools?
    • How do we best communicate with our broader community about the discussions happening?

Community and Staff Meeting Summaries and Group Work Results

  • March 7th - 2020 Community Group Meeting

  • March 22nd - Community Engagement Meeting

  • April 5th - Community and Staff Engagement Meetings