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  • Minnesota's Reading to Ensure Academic Development (READ) Act

    Posted by Abbey Lang on 5/1/2024

    The Minnesota Reading to Ensure Academic Development (READ) Act is a legislative initiative created to help Minnesota students become better readers. Its goal is to ensure that all students, regardless of their background or learning abilities, have the skills necessary to achieve academic success, with a strong emphasis on reading proficiency from an early age.  

    Here’s an overview of how the READ Act will impact reading education: 

    1. Focus on the science of reading: The READ Act mandates a stronger focus on developing reading skills in early education, ensuring that reading instruction is based on the science of reading. This means students will receive evidence-based instruction tailored to support reading development. 

    2. Early intervention: A key component of this initiative uses assessments and screenings to identify students with reading challenges early on. Early intervention will allow us to implement supports and address any difficulties before they become a significant barrier to learning. 

    3. Help for everyone: The READ Act acknowledges and addresses the diverse needs of Minnesota’s student population, those who speak more than one language at home and those who have a harder time learning than others. Students will receive specialized instruction and support tailored to their specific learning needs, helping them achieve their reading milestones. 

    4. Additional Training for Teachers: Teachers and identified staff will receive approximately 50 additional hours of training. The training being utilized is Online Language and Literacy Academy by CORE Learning, one of three state-approved programs through the MN Department of Education. As a result of the training, teachers and staff will be better equipped with the latest strategies and knowledge in reading instruction, directly benefiting the quality of education students receive. 

    The Minnesota READ Act’s goal is to ensure that all students learn how to read well. This is an ambitious and positive educational step as it will enhance teacher knowledge and reading instruction, provide timely support and interventions for struggling readers and give teachers additional resources and tools to help students learn best practices.


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