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  • Spring is almost here!!

    Posted by Abbey Lang on 3/1/2021

    We made it through the worst of winter (hopefully, this is MN after all) and spring is just around the corner.  Students in grades PreK-12 have been in in-person learning for over six weeks and things are going about as well as can be expected, it’s great to have them back!  We have seen a steady decline in COVID-19 activity throughout both counties and in the schools over the past couple of months.  We’re ready for the warmer weather and the opportunity to open the windows and get outside more.

    2021 has already been busy with several projects taking place throughout the district.  The long-awaited pool project is underway and going well.  The pool will remain closed for the 3-month project to update the HVAC system, which is still mostly original to the 1973 building.  The new system will meet industry standards, create more air circulation, lower humidity, and create a better/more enjoyable spectator experience.

    pool 1   pool 2   

    The Performing Arts Center will have new house lighting installed this summer.  This project, being completed by Brandel Electric, will update the current house lighting (the lights, when turned on, that help you find your seats) to dimmable LEDs with wireless controls.  The PAC will be closed for approximately two weeks this summer to complete the project.

    Work is underway to convert what was the old Functional Industries building into the new ALC building.  The building was approved for purchased last December and will have students attending by the fall of 2021.  The ALC has been located in the Coldwell Banker building since 2013. The new space will add about 1,500 square feet of space to the day/evening program and will provide several new opportunities for students (more details can be found on the ALC webpage https://www.isd466.org/domain/40).

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