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    Dassel-Cokato Schools - Updates and Information

    There is a growing concern about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its potential spread throughout our communities.  We share your concerns and want you to know that Dassel-Cokato Public Schools is closely monitoring updates as guidance is changing frequently due to state and nationwide developments.   We will do our best to keep families aware of updates as they occur.  Please continue to use this website as a resource for the most current information.  

    **UPDATED 3/25/2020**
    MN Governor Walz announced that all Minnesota school will be doing Distance Learning from March 30th - May 4th, 2020.  We understand how challenging this situation is for everyone and are doing our best to make sure the needs of our students and staff are met.  Please continue to watch for updates and thank you for your continued support and understanding as this is a quickly changing and evolving situation.

    Meal Distribution for DC Families

    Dassel-Cokato Public Schools will be providing free meals (breakfast for the next day/lunch for the day of) to children, ages birth to 18 years, during the statewide school closure.  

    March 30- May 4th:  Meals will be delivered by bus stop locations and are listed in the sign-up form.  Families must sign-up by 3:00 pm Sunday afternoon in order to receive meals for that coming week.  Meals will be delivered on a daily basis but ordered weekly. The registration link for the following week will be updated here weekly on Wednesdays.

    Register HERE by 3pm Sunday, March 29th for meals the week of March 30th.  Meals will not available for pickup at any of the school buildings. 

    If you have any questions please contact Nicole Carlen at 320-286-4105 or the district office at 320-286-4100.

    Child Care: Emergency/Healthcare workers and DC School Staff

    Charger Kids Club will be open for district enrolled students, preschool - age 12, of emergency and healthcare workers as well as students of school staff.  Click here for a list of emergency and healthcare worker categories.  The care for children of these workers is intended for extreme circumstances in which no parent or gaurdian is available to care for a child due to employment of the previously listed groups.  Please bring an employee ID badge or paystub at the time of drop-off to ensure your employer meets the requirements for this childcare service.

    Details for March 30- May 4th:

    • Students attending Charger Kids Club will undergo daily health screenings before entering childcare.
    • The emergency childcare program is available at no cost to eligible families.
    • Breakfast and lunch will be offered daily.
    • Transportation is available to and/or from school for students who would normally ride the bus and would like that opportunity. Parents are responsible for picking up and dropping off students needing care before or after school.  Transportation pick-up/drop-off is only available for current bus route stops.  Students are not able to get on or off at alternate locations.  

    Registration is required for all students planning to attend and must be completed by 2:00pm the day before is needed so we are able to plan adequate staff.
    NEW FAMILIES register here
    RETURNING FAMILIES register here

    Charger Kids Club staff will work with students to continue good hygiene practices, keep students in smaller age-based groups and most of all reassure them while having fun!
    Please email ckc@dc.k12.mn.us with any questions.

    Distance Learning

    All Dassel-Cokato will be utilizing Distance Learning starting Monday, March 30th through May 4th, in accordance with the executive order from Governor Tim Walz.  The following information details the distance learning plans put in place by Dassel-Cokato Schools for the coming weeks.  Thank you for your support as we implement this new process, your efforts are greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher.  Click here for the Staff Directory.  

    Attendance: Students are expected to have daily attendance. For Cokato Elementary, Dassel Elementary and the Middle School, daily attendance can be collected in each of the following ways: email, via phone, and Google Classroom.  Specific details to follow.  The goal and expectation for High School and ALC (day program) students is to check in at the start of each class period via Schoology.  If students are unable to do so they should email, call or text their teacher's email address to verify their daily attendance.

    Technology: If your student has Chromebook (district issued device) issues, please email the Help Desk at helpdesk@dc.k12.mn.us or call 320-286-4100 ext.1884  Need help logging into Chrome?  Please click here for instructions.

    Special Education: Please know that your child will continue to receive special education services, accommodations, and modifications.  Please see this letter regarding Special Education from our coordinator.

    • Students Receiving English Learner Programming (EL) Most students who receive English Language services will follow the same procedures as those outlined for all students, according to grade level guidelines and through consultation with licensed ELL teachers.  ELL staff will support students and families in accessing core content instruction through appropriate scaffolding based on student need. ELL staff will be available to communicate with families via telephone calls, email, or other means. Interpreters and interpreting tools will be utilized to help reach out to parents of students in programming as needed.
    • Students with 504 Accommodation Plan These students will follow the same procedures as those outlined for all students, according to grade level guidelines. Accommodations related to curriculum and assignment expectations will be followed as appropriate for the distance learning materials provided to students in order to ensure equal access.
    • Students with Individualized Education Program plan (IEP) Most students who receive special education services will follow the same procedures as those outlined for all students, according to grade level guidelines and through consultation with their IEP manager. Special education staff and related service providers will develop distance learning instruction and materials in accordance with the services identified on the student’s IEP. Special Education instruction will focus on ensuring students continue to make progress on their annual goals. Accommodations listed on the IEP related to curriculum and assignment expectations will be followed as appropriate for the distance learning materials provided to students in order to ensure equal access. 

Distance Learning Plans

  • Cokato Elementary: Distance Learning Plans

  • Dassel Elementary: Distance Learning Plans

  • DC Middle School: Distance Learning Plans

  • DC High School/ ALC: Distance Learning Plans

DC Schools Communications

  • Communication March 20, 2020

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  • Communication March 16, 2020 (PM)

  • Communication March 16, 2020 (AM)

  • Communication March 9, 2020

Powers' Points

  • January/February 2020

    Posted by Abbey Lang on 2/13/2020

    What seems to be the longest two months of the year are coming to an end rather quickly and, so far, have been rather uneventful, weather-wise.  So far, we’ve made it through with only one weather-related incident in the month of January. With the help of the National Weather Service we were able to anticipate and plan for the storm.  Students were home as the snow started to fly and buses were back at the barns before the roads became dangerous. Last year, at this time, we were in the middle of a month and a half long period where not a single week went by uninterrupted.  Since we did not have a full snow day prior to February first, students will have no school on Presidents Day, February 17th.

    I‘d like to talk about Long-Term Facilities Maintenance (LTFM) monies.  LTFM combines and replaces Deferred Maintenance, Alternative Facilities, and Health and Safety programs.  Created in the past few years the district is able to tackle facilities projects that, before this program was created, would have oftentimes been included in a school bond or as part of our limited capital budget.

    • The LTFM program funds a facility 10-year plan developed by the school district for:
      • Projects necessary to prevent further deterioration of school facilities
      • Projects to increase the accessibility of school facilities
      • Projects that address health, safety and environmental management costs
    • The LTFM funds CANNOT be used for:
      • Construction of new facilities, remodeling of existing facilities or the purchase of portable classrooms
      • To finance deferred payment agreements.
      • For violence prevention, facility security, ergonomics or emergency communication devices.

    There are many, many factors considered when determining if a project is LTFM acceptable per state guidelines.  As an example, think of your home, these funds can be used to maintain a house but not for buying furniture or accessories.  The $900,000 in LTFM funds received annually by the district are applied to allowable projects in the 10-year plan. This past year Dassel Elementary had a fire suppression system installed, the cost of the project was almost $700,000 but was paid for with LTFM funds.  Another recent project is the staff parking lot at Cokato Elementary, it was redone using LTFM funds. Projects across the district are based on need and then prioritized and scheduled within the 10-year plan.

    The last bond brought to voters included rebuilding the west parking lot and upgrading the pool’s mechanical system.  Using LTFM funds, the district will be able to complete those two projects without having to bond for them. School financing is complex, to say the least, and the state formula used for determining a district’s LTFM funds is no exception, however, through this program, we are able to consistently complete facilities projects throughout the district.

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Character Pillars

  • In the early 1990s a group of local school representatives, parents, community members, and ministers met to determine a common set of acceptable character traits that could be taught in our schools and that would coincide with the beliefs of our two communities. The result of this effort was the identification of six Character Pillars. Almost 20 years later, these six, excellent Pillars still provide the basis for character education in our school district.

    • RESPECT: Showing genuine concern for yourself, others and the world around you.
    • RESPONSIBILITY: Being accountable for your actions and accepting the consequences of those actions.
    • RESILIENCY: Rebounding from significant stresses with a positive attitude and sense of balance.
    • INTEGRITY: Reflecting trustworthiness, honesty, and self-discipline.
    • COMPASSION: Willing to share and give aid or support to all people; caring.
    • UNDERSTANDING DIVERSITY: Realizing that everyone is unique and that all have their strengths and limitations.

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