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  • June 2020

    Posted by Abbey Lang on 6/26/2020 11:48:00 AM

    Dear DC Families,

    The last few months have been unlike any we have ever experienced.  As a school district we successfully completed more than two months of distance learning, we graduated the class of 2020 in a drive-thru ceremony and we’re now planning for fall without knowing which school scenario we will be using.

    The MN Department of Education in partnership with the MN Department of Health published guidance last week asking districts to create plans for three scenarios: in-person learning for all students, hybrid learning, and distance learning.  Our number one hope is the safe return of all students to school this fall.  Our number one priority is the health and safety of both students and staff.   With COVID-19 still very much apart of our lives, it is very possible we will be required to shift our educational delivery model between these scenarios at any point during the next school year.  

    The Governor’s decision regarding which scenario we will be using at the start of school is expected on July 27.  In the meantime, teachers and administrators are working to create these plans in a way that fits our students, staff, and culture. The requirements and recommendations for each are specific but allow for some flexibility and local decision making. In the event we are required to do distance learning again, at some point, rest assured the format will be much more flexible and family-friendly.  Your feedback detailing distance learning experiences has been a big help in making changes and improvements.

    As the district plans for each of the three scenarios, families will have the opportunity to preview and ask questions.  We’re confident we’ll be able to continue offering exceptional schooling regardless of the requirements, however, it is our sincere hope to see your students in the hallways come September.  There is no education setting more powerful than one in which students are working in person with talented, caring teachers.

    We hope you are enjoying the summer and please watch for more information as we plan for fall.

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Character Pillars

  • In the early 1990s a group of local school representatives, parents, community members, and ministers met to determine a common set of acceptable character traits that could be taught in our schools and that would coincide with the beliefs of our two communities. The result of this effort was the identification of six Character Pillars. Almost 20 years later, these six, excellent Pillars still provide the basis for character education in our school district.

    • RESPECT: Showing genuine concern for yourself, others and the world around you.
    • RESPONSIBILITY: Being accountable for your actions and accepting the consequences of those actions.
    • RESILIENCY: Rebounding from significant stresses with a positive attitude and sense of balance.
    • INTEGRITY: Reflecting trustworthiness, honesty, and self-discipline.
    • COMPASSION: Willing to share and give aid or support to all people; caring.
    • UNDERSTANDING DIVERSITY: Realizing that everyone is unique and that all have their strengths and limitations.

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