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Congratulations Dassel-Cokato schools!

  • Dassel-Cokato Schools was awarded $1 million dollars from the state for flooring in the recreation center. 

    Representative Dean Urdhal visited last Monday’s school board meeting to share the details with board members. 

    Almost a year ago this project began with a trip to the capital by current school board members Andy Engh and Bill Aho, Superintendent Jeff Powers, Clark Moe, and Keith Raisanen to speak with representatives about receiving help to finish the recreation center.

    The school district was awarded $1 million as part of the state’s bonding bill.  The state’s directive is that the money must be used within four years and specifically for flooring in the recreation center.  Superintendent Powers is currently researching costs to complete the floor, in a way that would allow future opportunities, and add bathrooms, making the recreation center a viable option to be used by the school and community.  Very exciting news!!  More details will be shared as they develop.

    Pictured left to right:
    Bill Aho, School Board
    Representative Dean Urdahl
    Andy Engh, School Board
    Jeff Powers, Superintendent

Powers' Points

  • Welcome back students, staff and families!

    Posted by Abbey Lang on 9/5/2020

    Welcome back students, staff, and families!  

    I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing summer vacation.  Tuesday, September 8th marks the first day of the 2020-2021 school year and we are so excited to begin with in-person learning.  A special welcome to the Class of 2021 and the Class of 2033.  If you've never read Dr. Seuss's book Oh, the Places You'll Go!, I recommend it for each of you.  Incoming Kindergarteners, welcome to Dassel-Cokato Schools, we are so excited for you to begin your educational journey with us!   As incoming Seniors, work hard and have fun this last year of high school.  Your future is bright and just on the horizon...Oh, the place you'll go.    

    I didn't realize just how much I missed having students in the buildings until the 5th and 9th grade open houses.  The ability to have them in school and with their teachers in something none of us here at Dassel-Cokato Schools will take for granted ever again.  Never did I ever think living through a pandemic would be something I would encounter as a teacher, principal or superintendent, but here we are.   The COVID-19 Coronavirus has completely flipped all of our lives upside down and for the past several months our days have been filled with uncertainty and the inability to predict what's coming next.  Yet, I'm excited and hopeful.  Excited to begin a new school year and bring our students and staff back to school.  Hopeful that even though our days look differently we will continue to support each other and will be on the other side of this pandemic sooner than later.

    We are in this together and regardless of our personal feelings, the most important thing is to continue giving each student the excellent education he or she deserves.  My request is for us all to look at the positives versus the negatives as we begin this school year.  One day this will all be behind us and our memories should be about how we got through it together.  Go Chargers!


    Welcome back!

    Mr. Powers

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Character Pillars

  • In the early 1990s a group of local school representatives, parents, community members, and ministers met to determine a common set of acceptable character traits that could be taught in our schools and that would coincide with the beliefs of our two communities. The result of this effort was the identification of six Character Pillars. Almost 20 years later, these six, excellent Pillars still provide the basis for character education in our school district.

    • RESPECT: Showing genuine concern for yourself, others and the world around you.
    • RESPONSIBILITY: Being accountable for your actions and accepting the consequences of those actions.
    • RESILIENCY: Rebounding from significant stresses with a positive attitude and sense of balance.
    • INTEGRITY: Reflecting trustworthiness, honesty, and self-discipline.
    • COMPASSION: Willing to share and give aid or support to all people; caring.
    • UNDERSTANDING DIVERSITY: Realizing that everyone is unique and that all have their strengths and limitations.

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