• pool

Our pool received some updates last Spring - see and feel the difference!

  • The mechanical system controlling the air temperature and humidity levels was updated as well as the addition of a surge tank to automatically control water levels.  

Renting of Pool Facilities

  • Please contact Patti Kampa at 320-286-4100 x1813 or e-mail for more information and available pool times. 4 weeks noticed is preferred for renting the pool so lifeguards can be secured. If submitting a request by mail please fill out our request form and Release of Liability Form.


    What is the cost of renting the pool?

    1. All reservations will be charged a $10 permit fee.
    2. Rent for the High School pool is as follows:
      • Non-profit groups/individuals located in ISD #466= $10/hr
      • Commercial, business organizations/individuals conducting activities for profit= $15/hr
      • Non-profit groups located outside of ISD #466= $30/hr
      • Commercial, business organizations/individuals located outside of ISD #466= $50/hr
    3. Lifeguards are required when using the High School swimming pool. The fees for guards are $65/hour for the first hour, $45/hour for each additional hour. Fees include two lifeguards. Groups over 35 require an additional guard at $25/hour each.

    For a complete listing of fees and reservation priorities please see the Facility Use Procedures and Policies Brochures.

    To rent other facilities in ISD #466, please contact Patti Kampa at 320-286-4100 x1813 or by e-mail. For more information on facility reservations please click here.