• Come, walk with us, together we will cross the Middle School bridge.

    The mission of Dassel-Cokato Middle School is to encourage a positive attitude towards learning while preparing students with transferable and meaningful skills for life in a global society.  

    The Dassel-Cokato Middle School program is designed to meet the special needs of middle-level students.  The program strives to be transitional in nature, providing students the "bridge" between the self-contained classroom of the elementary and the departmentalized curriculum of the high school.


Every student, every day.
DCMS Rocks!

We believe the DCMS should:

    • Be child-centered.
    • Recognize and reward their successes.
    • Meet the unique needs of early adolescents.
    • Develop in students a respect for themselves and others.
    • Develop in students a sense of interdependence and belonging.
    • Reflect the values and priorities of the community, parents, and students.
    • Encourage individual differences and attempt to meet unique student needs.
    • Provide students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of interests and skills.
    • Emphasize an allied arts curriculum that stimulates creativity, enjoyment, and knowledge.
    • Offer many opportunities for students to be successful physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.
    • Through academically challenging experiences foster thinking, problem-solving and an attitude for life-long learning.

At DCMS we provide:

    • Teacher Advisor Programs - helping to build and develop skills.
    • Academic Programs - emphasizes the acquisition of basic and more advanced skills.
    • Student Organizations - offering students the opportunity to explore, expand and develop new interests.
    • Parent Education Programs - providing support for parents as they attempt to deal with their early adolescent.
    • Positive Recognition Philosophy - recognize, reward, and foster positive student growth, behavior, and attitudes.
    • Orientation Programs - helping students and parents acclimate to new situations is critical to the success of DCMS.
    • Allied Arts Programs - art, music, physical education, home economics, industrial arts, STEM and foreign language.
    • Student Support Groups - guidance that is flexible and personalized will enhance the other programs in the school.
    • Interdisciplinary Team Planning - using teacher strengths to make home and student communication more feasible.
    • Flexible Scheduling - allowing the freedom to control the amount and kind of instruction required for student success.
    • Teacher Support Groups - training and support programs that permit individual staff growth and personal development.
    • Community and Parent Involvement - being responsive to the community and parents can only help us reach our goals.