• Created by Community Engagement Team Members of SitelogIQ

    We had a great conversation on March 7th with the original community group assembled in 2020 to look at the school district’s facilities. This was both to honor the previous work of this group and provide some historical perspective to our new facility partners, SitelogIQ.

    After reviewing the history of the work done in 2020, SitelogIQ outlined what the process will be going forward to gain an updated understanding of what the community believes are the important factors for student success over the next 10-20 years, and what potential changes/updates to our facilities will need to be to support this work.

    SitelogIQ conducted an activity called “Brag-Worry-Wonder-Bet” to focus the group on their thinking about school and the School District. The group explored what they brag, worry, and wonder about, and what they would bet on for the future of our school district.

    • It is clear this group has much to brag about. Strong academics and extracurricular programs, along with high student achievement were common themes. Dedicated, caring and talented teaching staff, and strong community involvement were also featured. The DC area also offers a safe place to live and raise a family.

    • One repeated topic in the worry category centered on communication. The group hopes effective messaging can be utilized to inform the greater community regarding the work ahead and to help voters make an informed decision if there is a referendum. Other worries include the economy; what potential tax increase community-members are willing to tolerate; remaining a desirable and competitive school district; sustaining growth; and attracting/retaining high quality teachers.

    • The group wonders if the community has the capacity to fund potential projects and if they are ready to potentially support a bond referendum. Wonder and worry intermix at times as groups discussed the economy, the future of education on the heels of a pandemic, and how future technology will impact teaching and learning.

    • The group bets, whatever happens, the community will continue to be involved and the district will remain strong. The kids will still come to school, they’ll be ready to learn, and the one constant is going to be change.

    SitelogIQ outlined the agenda for two community engagement meetings with opportunities for others in the community on March 22nd and April 5th that includes an expanded look at:

    • What do students in Dassel-Cokato need for success in the next 10-20 years?
    • How do we best serve our local communities and economy with what we do in school?
    • What opportunities do we have in our facilities to support our work with students?
    • How does MN school finance work and what does that look like in Dassel-Cokato?
    • What are the funding options we have for project work?
    • What is the potential impact to local taxpayers of completing projects in our schools?
    • How do we best communicate with our broader community about the discussions happening?