• SST stands for the Student Support Team

    The SST is just that. A group of educators that works together to support students in a variety of ways.

    The SST meets once a week to discuss students that are struggling to find success at school. Students are identified and referred by teachers, support staff, parents or by the SST’s review of behavior, attendance or grade book data. Student struggles are typically in academics, behavior, peer relationships, family issues, and health concerns. The team collaborates to identify the obstacles to a student’s success and then puts together a plan that will support the student in overcoming their challenges.

    A plan for student success could be as simple as working with a particular teacher on strategies that help a student learn best. Maybe it is assisting a parent in helping their student with study habits, organizational skills or missing school less often. Maybe a student is having a conflict with peers or finding it tough to fit in. Or, possibly the issues could be addressed by academic support in our FOCUS Program or with smaller class sizes at our ALC. Whatever, the issue, we firmly believe that the SST working together with students, families, and staff can put together a plan that will help a student find success.

    At DCHS "failure is not an option." We believe every student can succeed! We encourage parents and families to contact the high school at 320-286-4100, ext. 1800, and access a member of our SST if you feel we can help your student succeed.