• DCHS Graduates

    DCHS Graduates must complete the form above to send out transcripts.

    Current DCHS Students

    Unofficial transcripts can be found on Campus Portal, under reports.
    If you need an official transcript sent to a college, university, scholarship applications, etc - please request above.
    Parents are only able to request transcripts until their student graduates.

    Advanced Placement Scores

    Advanced Placement (AP) courses are taught at a college level and upon completion of the course, students may take an AP test to earn college credit.
    It is up to the college the student attends to award credit based on their AP test results.

  • College in the Schools Transcripts

    If you completed college courses at DCHS, you will need to request college transcripts to be sent to your post-secondary school.
    The Guidance Office is unable to request these transcripts for you!

    Ridgewater College Transcript Request
    DCHS Child Development (EDA1125)
    DCHS CNA (NA162-89)
    DCHS College Algebra (MATH110)
    DCHS College Calculus (MATH150)
    DCHS College Chemistry (CHEM231 & CHEM232)
    DCHS College English (ENG151 & LIT120)
    DCHS College Macroeconomics (ECON202)
    DCHS College Microeconomics (ECON201)
    DCHS College Political Science (POL120)
    DCHS College Speech (SPCH110) 
    St. Cloud State University Transcript Request
    DCHS College Human Biology (BIOL103)
    DCHS College PE (PESS120 & PESS122)
    DCHS College Psych (PSY115)
    DCHS College Weight Training (PESS123)